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  • Fill out the “add me to the litter announcement email list”
  • When you receive the email notifying you that a litter has been born, fill out the attached Kitten Questionnaire and sent it back. We take reservations for our kittens from those that respond to the Litter Announcement email and are approved – on a “first come first serve” basis .

Born March 20, 2021

We have a new litter of five kittens just arrived.  If you responded to the “add me to the litter announcement email list” then be sure to please check your spam folders, as I have sent out emails requesting confirmation that you still wish to be on the wait list.   Now for the details you’ve been waiting for.  

IMG_9448  Kitten no. 1  Time of Birth 4:20 pm , Weight 114 grams, Color Tri color black marble Kitten no, 2 Time of Birth 5:05 pm, Weight 131 grams, Color Silver Grey /White  

Kitten no. 3 Time of Birth 5:45 pm, Weight 112 grams, Color Orange / White  

Kitten no. 4 Time of Birth 6:19 pm, Weight 138 grams, Color Grey

Kitten no. 5 Time of Birth 6:55 pm, Weight 136 grams, Color Grey

We will keep you posted as the kittens grow  and will be updating the website with more details as the become available.

Available Kittens Pricing:

Kitten No1, Lulu – Female $800.00 Full Maine Coon   RESERVED                                   

Kitten No 2, Lilly- Female $400.00 Half Maine Coon Half Tabby                               

Kitten No 3 Louie- Male $ 400.00 Half Maine Coon Half Tabby                                            

Kitten No 4 Leo- Male $800.00 Full Maine Coon                                            

Kitten No 5 Lola- Female $800.00 Full Maine Coon  RESERVED


Born December 20, 2020 C262654B-8E01-4C19-8D9A-6B6D64C75A36 (1)

We have a new Christmas litter of four. Genders are two boys and two girls.  One female is already spoken for,  leaving 3 kittens still available. They are tri color black marble, with one being almost solid black, one very dominate in all three colors, and two dominate with the grey color. I will continue to update photos so check back often.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions or concerns or if you just want to find out where you are at on the waiting list.  Text is best to 206-313-5708 or email to   Thanks for stopping by.

Meet Tom, Jerry, Jasmine, & Jet

We will be updating with photos and characteristics of our new Christmas Kittens as soon as they are old enough to evaluate. So check back for new information and details that we will share with you as we discover them. We usually will wait at least two weeks before taking photos. Kittens will be ready for viewing the week of January 31st after their first vet check and first round of vaccinations, and ready for rehoming the week of February 7th – the 19th 2021. Thanks for stopping by .

Halloween Kittens Litter

Born October 22, 2020

Meet Pumpkin and Peaches, and Sharpie and Shadow our special Halloween kittens. Two boys and two girls. One of each color. These cuties will become available mid December 2020.

Born March 26, 2020



Born November 19th 2019Christmas Ornaments isolated on a white background

Just in time for Christmas, Meet Sadie, Sylvester, Sabastian, and Shadow.   First viewings will be the week of December 23rd 2019.  Please email me for more information or to schedule a visit time.

Born November 25th, 2019

Meet Victor, Vincon, Vallery, & Vanessa.  Ready for visits the week of January 6, 2020.  Please email me or text message to schedule a visit time.

Born July 18, 2019

Meet Andy, Alvin, Amy, & Alicia.  Their first viewings will be the week of September 1st, 2019.  Text message or email me to schedule a meeting time.


Be sure to visit our Maine Coon Kitten Care page about kitten proofing your home and other kitten care helpful tips designed in mind to help make your transition into their new home with the least amount of stress as possible.

See also our Kittens from the past photo gallery for some of our most memorable delights.  Keep coming back as spring and summer are our busiest months.  We will update with every new arrival.  If you have a special request be sure to give us the details so that your expectations can be matched.


What’s Next………………………

If you’re looking for a kitten now or in the months to come, be sure to check back often as we will soon be updating our web site with the new arrivals.  If you are still thinking about a Maine coon, or if you have never owned a Maine coon before, you are about to find out that they are like no other domestic cat. They truly are a great addition to the family and a wonderful pet to have.