FLIP AND BE RICH! Real Estate Investment Course

.I identified early on that I have a passion for houses.  I can remember at the age of eight to ten, my parents would go off to work and come home to a house full of rearranged furniture.  Not sure if this irritated them,  but my father would enter giving thanks to his eyesight while passing through to hang up his coat.   Before I turned 15 I was already making preparations for my own first home, even before I had purchased my own first car.

Through the years one thing has remained the same,  when asked what moves me, the answer still stays the same.   I live, sleep, eat, and breath houses.  I just love seeing properties improve.   Call it to work if you will, but as long as it involves real estate, if I want to relax, then I just go to work.

The last thing I would share about myself is what I’ve been doing for the past more than a decade.  Big surprise, I know, yes I’ve been flipping houses.  But not like what you would imagine.   See I’ve been flipping houses for other people.  Some of them with profits so large that no longer was I labeling them as “home runs” but now all of a sudden they had become “real game changers”.

So much in fact that even after 10 years of bringing some of the ugliest properties to life with a desirability that prompted many occasions multiple offers above asking prices,  that one day I decided I was tired of making other people rich.  That even while I loved doing what I was doing,  I realized I could still enjoy what I loved doing while growing my own wealth and financial freedom.

When I decided to invest in my education, I was anxious to learn quickly, feeling almost cheated for the past ten years of working hard for my money instead of what I should have been doing which is letting my money work for me.  Along the way, I took several real estate and real estate investment courses.   The one that stands out the most, is also the one that moves me the most.  That was for a week-long class in Riverside California.  Taught by the number one house flipper in America.  You can still see him on A&E channel, program called “Flip this house” Armondo Montelongo.

The reason this course moves me so much is not from what I gained, unfortunately, but from what I lost.  The price for this course was 32,000.00  Now normally I wouldn’t argue with the price of an education.   I truly take full responsibility and blame for the loss.  However, looking back I believed I would be gaining three very key elements needed in order to succeed in this future, which did not turn out to be the case.


So reliving this memorable experience, looking back I remember taking a look around the auditorium, seeing all the faces of people just like me, eager to earn and most importantly ready to earn.  Then it hit me.  The faces turned to dollar signs.  The next thing I do is pull out my i phone and start doing the math.  I rounded everyone off at 15,000.00 a person figuring some paid more some paid less.  I came up with 8 million dollars was what was my instructor left with at the end of this event.  So I decided to pay very close attention.  Because this guy wasn’t just smart, he was an absolute genius.

Now did I leave feeling 32,000.00 smarter?  No, not even close.  mainly because so much of what we went over in the course I was already applying in my day to day strategy, but I was going about it with more difficulty than what needed to be.  So what I was able to take home with me was a proven system, with a proven structure and strategy, designed for today’s market, that when applied correctly by following step-by-step instructions, it would really work in today’s world.

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